Rates , services And Helpful Hints

All jobs are different in nature and require estimating . Greenman's Electric gives free estimates for service. Call Rosa to set up an appointment for a look-over ! 607-836-4263

The one hour service call is $85.00

Starting price for 100 amp. service $1000.00

Starting price for 200 amp. service $1300.00

Bucket truck service call  $95.00 one hour

Dig a tranch $2.00 a foot & $45.00 set up.

When we do a service , we do it all , We make the call to the power co. , We make the

call to the Inspector , We make the call to the city code office , You just make the call

to us.

We take the old service trash away and take the old service off the side of your Home.


Greenman's Helpful Hints

when replacing your service how many breaker spots do you get in your box

100 amp = 20 spots     150 amp = 30 spots      200 amp = 40 spot

This is what you get When we do a service  

Do your lights flicker when the wind blows , Do your lights dim , dose your breaker box have rust , Is the coating broken or off your service wire .

You might need a new service

Look at your main breaker in your breaker box

is the main breaker side ways and is red in color

You might need a new service

Your GFCI might need to be change if it is what we call 1st generation

the first gfci's that came out are only good for apx. ten trips 

now the new gfci's are good for life   

would you like to have your meter outside

do you have 30 amp. fuses in your fuse box


Do you have more than one wire connected to you breaker

 or your fuse in the breaker or fuse box

your panel box might be over loaded

You Might Need A New Service

 If you have a Federl pacific Circuit 

Breaker box and circuits breakers.

You need to have them replaced

If you do have one Believe Me you need to see A video At



Do you  have extension cords all over your house

We can install new duplex outlets in your home

this will take away a fire hazzard and make your home SAFE

We install generator breaker boxes

plug your generator in & start it

move the top two breakers to the left & this box will be on generator power