Greenman's Electric

We are located in McGraw NY , Phone 607-836-4263


Ed Greenman ...........Owner   Cell Phone 607 543-0533

 Joe Nauseef.............Foreman   Cell Phone   607 543-0533 

Rosa Nauseef-Greenman .......Receptionist/office manager

Todd Tuttle .............Helper

Apprentice Charles E. Greenman JR. 


We can wire a entire home , Rewire your home , Replace your service , Install a service to your pole ,

 repair pole lights, Dig a ditch, install Solar Energy, install Generators, Generator disconnects,

Rewire a signs , install Low Votage  lighting, Hot Tub, Swimming pool

And Your Barn

Wire it Right  



We Have Experience

Ed is a graduate of Cortland Madison BOCES trade  electricity,      Started Greenman's  electric 1981



It All started in a bug ,a tool box, a wooden stepladder, and a tool pouch with a dream


 The new truck is on the road to serve you better . The old truck is now the back up truck .

The new truck will have less down time , so we will get to the job on time .


Would you have a barber remove your tooth ? Because  thay use to

Why would you hire a handyman to wire your home?  Because he use to fix your outlet


Hire Experience 

 Hire a contractor who has electricity in their own home