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Greenman's Electric is Cortland's finest electrical service and repair technitions. "No job is too small" is the company motto! We specialize in home service and repair as well as new construction electrical wiring and hook up. Greenman's Electric has been in service since 1986. Our honest and reliable work ethics make us one of Cortand County's most requested electrician service. Call us for all of your residetial or commercial needs.

Greenman"s Electric announces the purchase of a newer bucket truck . This bucket truck replaces our 1995 ford 28 foot bucket truck. Our new bucket truck is equipped with a  heavy duty generator and more compartments. This joins our 2012 utility van,  our 1203 diesel utility van. and Kubota Trencher and Backhoe. All to serve you better 

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 Would you have a barber remove your tooth? Because they use to

Why would you hire a handyman to wire your home ? because he fixed your outlet.